Ogaju Vendor Registration Tutorial

Step 1

To begin your registration as a vendor (seller) on Ogaju, click the user account icon at the top menu on the website or go to the footer and click “Become a Vendor”.

Click the user account icon to login or signup as a vendor or customer
Click the "Become a Vendor" link on the footer to login or signup as a vendor or customer

Step 2

On the registration page, tick “I am a vendor” (instead of “I am a customer”). Fill the form with your details and accept our terms and condition, then click the “Register” Button. 

Click the user account icon to login or signup as a vendor or customer
Click the user account icon to login or signup as a vendor or customer

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Go to your inbox and find the confirmation link, then confirm your registration as an Ogaju vendor (seller)

Step 3

Upon a successful registration, go to your profile and edit/complete your store details. This is where you will be able to customize your store profile and input your contact details. 

Click the " Settings" button to setup store.
Click the " Store" button to edit store details.

Step 4

After completing the update on your store profile, you need to setup a payment method through which we shall remit your earnings.  From “settings”, go to “Payment”, then fill your bank detail into the field and update the settings. 

Click the " Payment" button to setup your payment method.
Fill in your bank details then update your settings

Step 5- How to upload products

From vendor dashboard, click “products” then on the products click “Add new product” at the top right corner to add a new products.

Click the " Add new product" button at the right top corner to add new products.
Fill in the details of the products you intend to upload then click " Create Product" button.

Fill in the details of the product. Make sure you add all relevant categories the product belong to while filling the form(this will ensure your product appears in the correct categories across Ogaju). To see more details on uploading of products please click here

To see the list of your products and edit any products, go to “Products”  from your vendor’s dashboard.  Hover around any of the products to see edit and deleting options. 

See all your products on the product page. You can delete or edit any product. Hover on a product to see all options
You can "quick edit" any product.

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